Customer Service

Best-in-Class customer service gets noticed by tenants and the industry. Rising to the top is hard; staying there is even harder. But that is just what Unico’s property teams have done for two years in a row because we know that satisfied customers are essential to our business.

For the past ten years, Unico has received an “Outstanding” tenant satisfaction rating nationally, which is the highest recognition possible by CEL & Associates, a national independent real estate consulting firm. The “National Commercial Real Estate Customer Service Award for Excellence” award, or “A List,” honors Unico for being the number one ranked firm in our category in the United States for providing the best customer service throughout our office property portfolio.”

The “A List” award is determined by our customers’ rankings through CEL & Associates – and it’s based entirely on their satisfaction as a Unico customer. We’re honored that those who work in our buildings ranked Unico in the top one percent in customer service nationally among the 6,000 comparable buildings that were surveyed.

How does Unico create satisfied customers? First, from our senior management team to our property managers and engineers, we are all committed to ensuring our tenants feel like valued customers. Next, we train and continually encourage our employees and our service partners to be mindful of ways that we can meet our customers’ needs even before they have to ask. Using important customer service basics - like smiling, following through, keeping up a polished appearance, and empowering our employees to do what is right for our customer – are part of our daily procedures. We employ positive communication skills – like listening, explaining how we can help and when, and offering to do more every time – which may seem basic, but can be easily overlooked when things are busy or the customer isn’t valued. Our approach is to always to put the customer first.

“Our office tenants’ strong endorsement of Unico shows that we don’t cut corners. Treating our customers well is a core business value,” said John Lamb, Unico CFO and Senior Vice President of Property Management. “We look for opportunities to anticipate our customers’ needs and handle requests in a timely manner, day or night.”

So what are our customers saying about Unico?

“I’m always so impressed with all the Unico employees – from the maintenance folks, leasing to the general manager. Everyone is friendly and courteous and appears to be very hard-working. No other property management company has a presence like Unico.” (Skinner Building, Seattle)

“You have a property management team with the right attitude. They go above and beyond to help their tenants, no matter what the request.” (Skyline Tower, Bellevue)

“The office staff at Wells Fargo Plaza is excellent! The Tacoma team is always extremely friendly, efficient and helpful as are the engineers. They are all on a much higher tier of professionalism than other building management I've worked with. Kudos to the WFP team on a job well done!” (Wells Fargo Plaza, Tacoma)

U.S. Bancorp Tower is storing a large log splitter for a law firm tenant that’s in the midst of litigation surrounding this piece of equipment. “Talk about going above and beyond! We’re so grateful to Unico for offering to store a critical piece of evidence for a very important case of ours.” (U.S. Bancorp Tower, Portland)

“We often overlook the simple greetings we get on a daily basis…It makes our start and end of the day even more meaningful. The concierge is the special presence in our lobby. She remembers and greets tenants by name. She is competent to handle difficult situations. She smiles….Thanks for her attention to all of us.” (100 Pine Street, San Francisco)

Unico’s property management teams are working toward another national “A List” award in 2010. We consistently strive to keep our customers happy, provide the highest quality service and offer exceptionally well-maintained buildings in our properties around the Western U.S. Let us serve you at a best-in-class level.

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